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In conjunction with our sixth conference here on Nexus soil, the NISMUN Secretariat has decided to host a few MUN workshops catering to delegates whom are unsure of how things run, such as the Rules of Procedure. There will be help booths and seminars for anyone who needs help with researching, composing an opening speech and understanding the general structure of the UN.


Our aim is to enhance the debate’s quality and minimise the time that chairs spend on the first day explaining ROPs, as we’d like to get the ball rolling and the ships steaming away on the first day. Furthermore, we believe that this will help boost the confidence in new MUN-ers - so whether this is your first MUN experience, or your first time trying out a new procedure, NISMUN is honoured to invite you to our workshops.


This year, we have three workshops ranging from THIMUN to HMUN (MNMUN ROPs) to our very own Dewan Rakyat ROPs which we have formulated. 


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