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Many people call it “in the middle of nowhere”, but the Nexus surrounding area has more to offer delegates than meets the eye!

If you’re looking for a place to chill, you have easy access to a grand array of distinct shops and facilities at the Nexus Village, which is just a short three-minute walk from the school. The Mihrab Hotel Putrajaya is considered to be one of the most appealing locations during the course of the conference, as it is not only the cheapest, but nearest accommodation to Nexus. 
We also can’t forget the many prominent “mamaks”, the gems of Nexus Village— wonderful options for participants to grab a mouth-watering meal before arriving at the venue and/or to unwind and pig-out after a long day of debate. And if you don’t fancy indulging in traditional Malaysian cuisine, you’re not limited. There are a range of restaurants nestled within the village, including Thai, Arab, and Turkish. If you want to skip straight to dessert, you can conveniently treat yourself to a slice of cake or two at the nearby Secret Recipe outlet. 
Food aside, you have access to a multitude of useful facilities, such as: 


the village2.0.png

Darussalam | Mamak

Mr Kabab and Biryani | Arabic Cuisine

Mustafa Ustas | Turkish Cuisine

Secret Recipe | International Cuisine

Mydin | Grocery store

7 Eleven & KK Mart | Convenience stores

Mihrab Hotel | Putrajaya Hotel ​​

Bank Muamalat and Public Bank | Banks

Klinik Mediviron | Clinic

Watsons & V-Care pharmacy | Pharmacy

Located in an accessible spot in Putrajaya, Nexus has an array of potential post-MUN spots to hang out at with your newly made friends. Whether you need a coffee to recharge or to watch a movie after a solving a global crisis or two, there is a healthy selection of shopping malls a short drive away from our school.

Alamanda Shopping Centre | 1.5 km away

IOI City Mall Putrajaya | 3.2 km away

D'Pulze Cyberjaya | 8.3 km away

Shaftsbury Square Cyberjaya | 7.2 km away

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